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A new way to order custom foam inserts without having to ship any tools

ToolKeepers Mobile Precision toolkit
A portable toolkit facilitates the Mobile Precision digital imaging process.

Everything we do starts with your tools. To create a custom, high-quality insert for your tools (or parts, or sensitive instruments, or anything else!) it's best to send them to ToolKeepers where we measure and test-fit them into a prototype insert before we create the final version. If you can’t deliver your tools or detailed measurements to us, we have a backup plan: TK Mobile Precision.

The standard process

Typically, it’s pretty easy to get your tools to our plant where we take excellent care of them as we measure and photograph each tool before putting drawings of them into our CAD software to aid our designers in creating your custom kit. This is our preferred process because it offers the best quality control.

Many times, kits are made for brand-new tools so shipping them to ToolKeepers is the first step in commissioning them for use. Once we’re done with them, they’re shipped back to their new home nestled inside new foam where they’ll stay protected and organized for many years of productive use.

The expedited process

We can sometimes eliminate the need to ship tools, which saves time. If you supply CAD drawings of each tool or object, or if the objects you want to protect are simple, we can work from digital files or photographs plus measurements that can be easily emailed.

The TK Mobile Precision process

Sometimes, as was the case with a manufacturing plant in Kansas, an operation just can’t function without specialized tools that need special attention – so we take our show on the road.

As part of the plant's 5S program, they needed to create a new storage and organizing system for their manufacturing equipment replacement part inventory. Because of the proprietary, limited, and sensitive nature of these parts, they couldn’t leave the facility where they are stored. If a machine broke down while one of these replacement parts was at the ToolKeepers plant in Iowa, the entire production line would potentially grind to a halt. This scenario is exactly why ToolKeepers has created our mobile digital imaging system – TK Mobile Precision.

TK Mobile Precision is done in 4 simple steps

TK Mobile Precision brings a streamlined imaging process and equipment plus trained technicians to your plant or office so your tools never have to leave the building. The process is designed to deliver ToolKeepers’ standard, high-quality, waterjet-cut results while minimizing the time your tools must be out of commission. TK Mobile Precision does come with costs that can exceed the cost to ship tools to us, but for customers who can’t be without their tools, it’s well worth the added expense. The process goes like this:

  1. A ToolKeepers project manager coordinates a visit to the facility where your tools are housed, providing you with a detailed quote and timeline so you know exactly what to expect.

  2. A project manager and/or CAD specialist arrive according to your schedule, armed with a mobile version of the imaging equipment we use at our plant. We set up and move our equipment around your facility as needed so your tools are never far from their working home.

  3. Working in collaboration with a representative from your company, we systematically capture the necessary information for each tool, then pack up and leave with minimal disruption to your business.

  4. Once back at the ToolKeepers plant, we create prototype inserts that are sent to you for test fitting. Adjustments are made based on feedback from the test fit, the final inserts are precision waterjet-cut, and the finished order is shipped.

Processes designed to deliver quality and value

ToolKeepers has developed the TK Mobile Precision program as part of our commitment to deliver the highest quality and longest-lasting toolkitting solutions available. We make this service available to any customer whose operation requires this degree of customization. When you contact us for a quote, share your tool scenario and we’ll offer up the right process that suits your project and your budget.


ToolKeepers creates custom toolbox inserts that help companies do their best work. We'd love to talk about your needs.


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