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Super-Customize your tools (and other stuff).

Laser-engrave your logo, name, or any label directly on tools and toolboxes. Tools are our specialty, but we also engrave objects and assembly parts that require special identifiers.

Tool and toolbox etching

Logos, text, part numbers - anything can be etched onto tools or toolboxes. Our process can etch any metal, foam, or plastic surface while maintaining the quality and performance of the original material. 

Foam insert etching

Optimize the function of tool inserts, shadowboards, and foreign object debris cases with labels applied directly to your foam insert.


Assembly Parts Etching

The ToolKeepers operation is set up to quickly and efficiently engrave your assembly parts with logos, part numbers, or any other identifier. We serve as an extension of your production process and align our work to your quality standards.

What to know about ToolKeepers custom etching services

  • ToolKeepers uses fiber optic laser etching technology.

  • Etch any material - granite, tile, stone, metal, plastic - but not wood or glass. 

  • Etch any size design from .03125" to 10"+ 

  • Etch text or any design. Simply provide a digital pdf file of your logo or image.

  • The carbon content of the item to be laser etched determines the color of the etching. Black oxide coated metals and plastics create dramatic color contrast when etched.

  • We always provide a sample before etching your items.

  • Our digital equipment is fast and accurate, giving you an exact reproduction of your design.

  • Add etching to any project for a small added fee and minimal additional production time.

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