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Valuable Object Storage

Protect valuable objects and sensitive instruments.

The same exacting standards that protect tools creates safe and secure storage for cameras, guns, sensitive technical devices, drones, and all the components they need to operate.

Custom Foam Inserts

When you can't risk any damage whatsoever to objects like cameras, firearms, drones, and sensitive instruments, you can trust ToolKeepers to create the perfect solution. Delicate, high value objects are protected for shipping or field use with tight fitting, high density foam precision cut for your objects.

Are you a manufacturer in need of a full packaging solution?

We can work with you to design and fabricate an entire packaging and shipping system for any item you produce. Our agile operation helps manufacturers deliver products safely to customers in high-quality branded cases and corrugated shipping containers.

SKB Cases Logo 2016.png

ToolKeepers is an authorized distributor of SKB Cases for industrial, military, music, camera, and specialty objects.

We'll help you select the case that will perform best for your needs - AND - We'll outfit it with a custom insert for all your valuable objects. 
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