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A ToolKeepers custom foam insert keeps tools and parts organized, immediately accessible, and protected. In manufacturing environments, workshops, and mobile environments, any tool drawer, shadowboard, or case can be fitted with  a custom ToolKeepers insert. 

Toolbox Inserts

Maximize the organizing power of your roller cabinets or stationary toolboxes with custom designed and precision cut foam inserts that will protect every one of your tools, and keep them immediately accessible.


ToolKeepers inserts are the best of the best. Your new insert will perform perfectly for years and years. 


Shadowboard tool inserts are custom-designed to be installed at a particular workstation to aid the performance of a particular job. ToolKeepers shadowboards are made of quality materials and can be etched with text and logos to help workers implement consistent manufacturing processes.


Portable Tool Case Inserts

Toolboxes that support mobile or remote work need to fit all your tools into a tight space with ergonomically designed, stackable, lift-out trays. With a portable case outfitted by ToolKeepers, you can be confident that your tools will stay put even when your case is bouncing around in your truck bed.

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ToolKeepers is an authorized SKB Case Distributor

We'll help you select the case that will perform best for your needs - AND - We'll outfit it with a custom insert for all your tools. 

Ready to Do Your Best Work?

5 simple steps to the ideal custom solution.

We specialize in best quality products for operations that are serious about quality control and lean manufacturing practices.


We believe the only way to achieve the ToolKeepers standard of quality is by designing your kit to the exact specification of your tools. 

Our full-service process doesn't require you to purchase any special camera equipment or software. We do it all for you. 

1. Share your situation

Tell us about the unique tool-related problem you want to solve. Send us a list of your tools and toolbox dimensions. We'll reply with a design recommendation and a cost estimate.

2. Share your tools

Send technical drawings or a set of your tools to inform precise designs. For large projects, we'll come to your site to review your needs in detail.

3. Prototype & test fit

After you approve design drawings, we design and produce a test solution made of inexpensive styrofoam. 

4. Review & modify

Use the prototype in your operation to test effectiveness, and tell us what needs to change.

5. Single kit or mass production

Your inserts are cut, fabricated, and etched to your specifications. You can order a single high quality kit, or  exact replication of dozens of kits to outfit a manufacturing floor or mobile team.
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