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Solutions for lean thinking organizations


The tools you use are central to your process and your team's productivity. 
The quickest way to improve quality, safety, and profitability is to enhance your tool management and storage programs through 5S programs.

How ToolKeepers Helps

We listen to understand your process and identify areas for improvement. We use 5S programs ourselves to keep our operation agile and responsive to customer needs. When your tool needs change, we quickly help you adjust.

5S Principle: Sort

Sort is the most important step in establishing a 5S system. The Sort goal is to eliminate all unneeded tools and materials in a workspace resulting in:

  • Optimized workflow

  • No wasted time looking for parts and tools

  • No safety hazards caused by clutter

5S Principle: Set in Order

  • Create designated areas for tools and materials.

  • If tools are used together, store them together.

  • Place the most frequently used tools closest to the worker.

  • Pay attention to ergonomics to eliminate the need to bend or twist to reach tools.

How ToolKeepers Helps

We use 30 years of design experience to create ergonomic tool storage systems that optimize your workspaces and your manufacturing process. 
DSC00112 (2).JPG

How ToolKeepers Helps

The best way to empower workers to keep workstations clean and orderly is with quality foam inserts. Our best quality HDPE foam will never splinter or shed particles that can affect product quality.

5S Principle: Shine

  • What seems like the easiest  5S  principle may actually be quite difficult to implement. 

  • It requires every team member to take responsibility for their workspace. 

  • The benefits include committed employees who are more invested in their work because of personal ownership of their space.​

5S Principle: Standardize

  • Assure that all workers understand your system and have the tools and knowledge to implement it.

  • Make the process understandable and easy to replicate.

  • Evaluate regularly and modify as new needs are identified.


How ToolKeepers Helps

Well designed toolboxes and shadowboards with etched labels and tool identifiers clearly communicate standard processes and make it easy for workers to comply. When you upgrade your process, we can help you quickly implement it.

How ToolKeepers Helps

We can help you design a brand new tool managment system, or improve an existing system.  Tools stored at workstations, in mobile cases, and  tool cribs can all be optimized with ToolKeepers products. 

5S Principle: Sustain

  • Operating a lean facility requires an ongoing commitment. 

  • Take concrete steps toward your lean program by committing to a tool organization system and continuous improvements. 

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