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Toolkit with foam inserts helps create 360˚ space and Earth science experience for students

Maker of immersive planetarium simulator chooses ToolKeepers for tough, portable product cases

Teachers shape the future of communities by inspiring students to find their passions and gifts. We had the pleasure of supporting the work of Digitalis, an innovative technology company that allows teachers to actively involve their students in learning with portable planetariums.

Digitarium portable planetarium in use at elementary school
Multiple teachers in a school district can share one Digitarium system.

Digitalis describes itself as “science education experts and technologists…who understand the needs of science educators.” Students are immersed in science and astronomy lessons with the help of Digitalis planetarium technology products. Their products include portable planetariums, software, and teaching materials for K-12 students, colleges and universities, and museums and science centers. They introduced the first affordable planetarium in 2003. Today, more than 800 Digitalis planetarium simulators are in use around the globe.

Easier and more affordable than planetarium field trips

The Bremerton, Washington company is focused on creating products that are innovative, easy to use, and high quality. Their software and product designs feature simple interfaces and quality materials that are built to last for years. Regularly updated software allows each teacher to tailor content to different learning levels and curriculum goals. They came to ToolKeepers for high-quality, high-function cases for their Digitarium® Theta portable projector systems.

Three cases – One instant planetarium experience

Storage case for Digitalis technology components
Custom storage cases organize and protect delicate technology for storage and transport.

Inside a set of 3 carrying cases is a full planetarium experience that brings to life educational content on topics including astronomy, geography, and more.

  • Case #1 – A specialized projector

  • Case #2 – All the accessories and manuals needed to take students on a memorable science journey

  • Case #3 – Inflatable dome that allows kids to climb inside for an engaging 360˚ learning experience

ToolKeepers has delivered dozens of Case #2 outfitted with stacking foam inserts that organize and protect a set of system accessories:

  • Three remote controls

  • Handheld controller

  • User Manual binder

  • LED Light Pointer

  • Case with hard drive content

  • Power cords

  • Surge suppressor power strip

Partnering to support teachers and students

ToolKeepers custom case with accessories for the Digitarium planetarium system from Digitalis
Stacking foam inserts inside iSeries SKB cases hold all accessories necessary to run the immersive planetarium experience.

The ToolKeepers team designed, managed, and assembled the accessory kits using the highest quality HDPE foam. An SKB iSeries case with an expandable handle and wheels holds the waterjet-cut stacking foam trays that snuggly store each accessory.

After the latest delivery of custom cases, Rob Spearman, Digitalis President & Co-founder shared:

“We are happy with not just the end result but the whole process. The ToolKeepers team is really easy to work with and everything went quickly and professionally.” – Rob Spearman, Digitalis President and co-founder

ToolKeepers and our parent company, Weaton Companies, are active supporters of education. Our local school district in Fairfield, Iowa has benefitted from Weaton Companies’ financial gifts and from volunteer hours donated by our team. (For example, our CEO is the coach of the Fairfield Trojan Football team.) This opportunity to support Digitalis has been a very comfortable and rewarding partnership.

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